Why Being Overweight Can Cause You to Get Cancer

My father is a doctor. He has been harping about my weight for decades. Generally people are surprised how healthy I really am, given how overweight I am.
My blood pressure is disgustingly normal, my blood sugar level is near perfect all the time and my cholesterol levels are amazingly good. So what is the worry?

The information in this article is a result of discussions my father and I have had, backed up by a seven year old report from the World Cancer Research Fund. If you are even a little outside the normal range of weight for your height this article could be as important for you as I have decided it is for me, my health and my own family.

Serious concerted cancer research has been conducted worldwide, by doctors and health professionals, for more than 50 years. Because of this extensive and widespread research a consensus has developed.

Cancer is a health condition that is preventable, especially when the causative agent is known. Lung cancers, contracted because of exposure to tobacco smoke or from asbestos exposure are good examples of this. Part of this consensus is the notion that there is a real correlation between food, nutrition, lifestyle, body type and risk of the diseases we lump together and call Cancer.

More than five years ago the World Cancer Research Fund released to the public a research report as evidence of this correlation. The report also had specific and detailed recommendations for the prevention of cancers. As the report came from a global entity it did not receive as much attention and support as it should have from individual country Cancer research organizations. It has taken over five years for researchers to realize this has been a mistake of omission.

The main recommendation in the report was that individuals need to maintain a healthy body composition that is as lean as possible. The key phrase here being healthy body composition. It is not helpful to diet or fast to the point of malnutrition with the thought to prevent cancer. That just replaces one negative health condition with another.

Rather an individual should do their best to be on the lean side of normal weight versus height ranges for their body type. For overweight persons it is thought that the factors that often cause being overweight also have the ability to be the cause of future cancers. Even more recently this has come down to the outright statement by many researchers that processed sugars are food for cancer cells. hotline

One way to determine a person’s position in relation to weight versus height statistics is to use BMI or Body Mass Index. You can calculate your BMI by dividing your weight by your height squared. Most BMI are calculated in metric units. A person needs to check on the Internet for BMI ranges applicable to their specific nationality.

Research continues because there are even indications that where a person’s body stores fat is a factor in development of cancers. Fat stored around the waist line being the most worrisome.

The good news is that persons who have not developed cancer can reduce their risk by getting to the lower range of BMI for their ethnicity. So if you are Chinese living in America you need to be using BMI ranges for Chinese individuals.

While dieting a person should only have the goal to lose a most two pounds or one kilogram per week. There are, of course, hundreds of diets that promise to do this. One of the simplest ways to lose two pounds a week is as follows.

Eat a good breakfast. Eat a good mid day meal and if you get hungry between the mid day meal and your last meal of the day have a snack that does not contain processed sugars. Your last meal of the day should be completed no later than 4pm in the afternoon. After that time of the day, if you must eat, what you consume can have absolutely no carbohydrates or sugars at all.

Do what ever you can to make your life more active and be creative about it. Do not park as close to the mall entrance, rather park so that you have a short but healthy stroll to get into the mall. Within reason take at least one or two flights of stairs when going into buildings. Try to take afternoon walks of at least 1 kilometer or ½ mile each day. Do some form of exercise three times a week for 15 minutes at a time.

Doing these things will lower your body weight and improve your BMI numbers. The wonderful thing is that taking these small and simple but effective steps is not difficult for most people. I am finally following my father’s advice and happy he tells me the statistics say it’s never to late to get healthy as long as you do it before a serious health condition occurs.

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