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I am going to give you five tips to not only lose belly fat but to lose fat all around your body. I think these four tips are essential for anyone who’s trying to lose weight and I really think that they’re going help you a lot.

I know that losing weight can be challenging, after all we have to burn more calories than we take in and this requires a change of ourĀ  habits which got us in the shape we currently are. So foremost you should consider making these tips your habit, and follow them on a daily basis.

Tip number one Eat more fruits and vegetables

I know, I know I had to say it but really eat more fruits and vegetables it doesn’t mean that I am going to eat an apple here and there, or green juice here and there. No replace entire meals with raw fruits and vegetables. Raw is the magic word here because raw fruits and vegetables are perfect. They have fiber and water ( juice ).

The fiber in the water is what will help to move everything out of your body and it is going to cleanse your intestines and your colon. It is going to eliminate things that are stuck in there which is perfect it’s exactly what we want and indeed what we need.

By replacing one or two meals a day with raw fruits and vegetables you are automatically eliminating other things which may cause you to gain weight like animal protein which is basically all fat, junk food very high fat foods, fried foods etc. All those things that we know make us gain weight you are removed from our system.

Tip number two is: Don’t eat dinner too late.

I recommend that you eat dinner two to three hours before your bedtime and I know this can be hard and I have personally dealt with it because I like to snack at night; like really late at night. I do notice that I feel much better the next day when I don’t snack at night. This is really important and if you can make your dinner as well, then this is really, really going to help you.

If you are one of those people which work long hours and you don’t get out until late at night, well I recommend that you do a smoothie instead of a meal. You can find tons of smoothie recipes here or elsewhere online.

So tip number two is to not eat dinner too late so that way your body can have time to process the food digest the food and once you’re sleeping it’ll have time to just go to heal and detoxify to do the job that your body is supposed to do while you’re sleeping at night.

Tip number three is: Cardio.

Cardio is what is going to burn the fat. If your body type is currently to sort for your weight, you can start by walking around the neighborhood for 15 minutes a day and steadily increase the length and speed of your walk.

A good 45 minutes per walk will burn almost as many calories as 30 minutes jogging.

If you can go for a run u would almost always prefer you doing that over other cardio exercises. Here as well if you are starting out after years of inactivity you want to stay slow and sorry and increase your level over time.

Now if you are in good shape I would highly recommend that you add some sort sprints into your run. A short spurt at the quarter, half, three-fourths, and at the end will increase you strength and burn those calories of like your wouldn’t believe.

Tip four: don’t eat before your cardio.

Schedule your cardio before your meals. That is, eat a banana,apple, or a small snack before you exercise to get the energy for your run, but don’t get a full meal. After you return you will not feel hungry for quite some time and your energy levels are going to stay elevated. This will help to kick start your metabolism and burn fat while your stomach is signaling your brain that it is satisfied. I think of it like a bonus. Burn fat for free by simply planning your meals around your exercises.

Tip number five is: Weight exercises.

You can do this with your body weight ( calisthenics ) you can do this with actual weights. This is really going to help you burn more fat because muscle burns fat.

You can start with squats or push-ups or anything that is for you just do it. Even if it’s 10 or 20 a day it doesn’t matter.

Honestly just being consistent is what is really, really going to help you here. Just doing it here and there will not be sufficient. This applies to all of the tips that I have given you. Consistently following these types on a daily basis is what will enable you to see the results you are looking for.

If you follow these five tips you are going to see amazing benefits in your body and the way that you feel. Eventually you will realize that it is not all about your weight, there are other things that matter too but sometimes people get into this lifestyle because they’re just tired of being overweight and no diet is working for them.

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